Partnering with Clinical and Business Leaders to Build Effective Organizations

Strategic Planning

We provide strategic planning assistance and facilitation for care delivery teams, resulting in a shared vision of the full scope of the program, measurable goals, timeline, and high-level work plan that can guide the growth of the program and identify potential funding sources. Deliverables can include:

  • Patient volume goals
  • Budget tracking processes and staffing support roles
  • Future program structure and staffing (clinical FTEs)
  • Funding of the program, including Part B billing revenues, program savings,”cost avoidance”, and other sources.
  • Physician reimbursement and staffing
  • Strategies for increased use of hospice and/or other less acute levels of care
  • Goals for patient mix of earlier referrals from a range of specialties and settings

The overall objective of the plan is to ensure that the program has a strategic plan in place that enhances its ability to meet the current and future needs of the hospital’s patients. The strategic plan should align with the quality of care and service goals of the hospital in a cost-effective manner. Our team works with clinical and business program leaders through implementation to monitor the progress and respond to emerging needs.