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Palliative Care Tools

Overview of the Palliative Care Rounding Tool DatabaseKey-Benefits

Data collection and analysis is vital for strategic planning, quality improvement, and demonstration of an innovative clinical program’s impact.  To help palliative care teams standardize and collect the necessary patient data, Spragens & Associates has developed the Palliative Care Rounding Tool Database application.  With this software, a palliative care team can consistently store and report on retrospective patient data collected from Rounding Tool forms.

Collecting Standardized Data, Based on Your Team

The first step toward meaningful data analysis is identifying and standardizing the collection of data. Our application can be installed with pre-populated industry standard data fields and definitions to help your team get up and running quickly.  This saves valuable installation and set-up time for both IT staff and the clinical teams.

As your team expands and matures, the application’s flexible dropdown lists and options can be tailored to your specific needs.  For example, if your team is expanding to provide Outpatient consults, data can be added for tracking and reporting on those specific patients.  If your team needs to change your Rounding Tool Form, your team can easily change the data in the application to comply with and support the new Form.

Our application currently collects and tracks the following information:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Consult Information: Disease/Diagnosis, Location, Referring Service, Providers
  • Dates Related to Built-in Length of Stay (LOS) Calculations, for Before and After Consult
  • Consult Reasons & Outcomes
  • Disposition
  • Symptoms & Treatments (limitless)
  • Patient Contact Information (limitless)
  • Medical Contact Information
  • Medical Legal Status Information


Extensive and Flexible Reporting

The Palliative Care Rounding Tool Database application provides a set of predefined Dashboard reports. The reports can be configured to run with many options — for a user-specified time period, specific hospital, or patient status (inpatient, outpatient, etc).  For ad hoc reporting, users can export data to Excel for further analysis.

Current Dashboard Reports include:referral-screenshot

  • Average Daily Census
  • Palliative Care Referral Proportions
  • Average LOS Before PC Consult
  • Average LOS After PC Consult
  • Distribution of Days Before PC Consult
  • Distribution of Days After PC Consult
  • New PC Consults by Month
  • Referral Sources by Location
  • Referral Sources by Specialty


Contact Spragens & Associates, LLC to receive a free demonstration of the Palliative Care Rounding Database Tool.